Tuesday, May 20, 2008

HOT Times

Pictures soon to follow! I have lost my camera's data cable and am unable to transfer pictures from my camera to my computer.

Three weekends ago, our family took off on a mini vacation to the Phoenix, AZ area to visit my brother's family. This would mean flying in an airplane with a 3 month old and carrying a lot of strange luggage like a car seat, car seat base and stroller. It is weird packing for a trip now having to think about how much formula to pack, bibs, etc. Anyways, I wasn't nervous about Avery's behavior on the plane but I did have some concern that it would hurt her ears with the cabin pressure. Our plane departed Birmingham at 6am and our morning went smoothe and fairly easy. Avery was taking it all in when we were at the terminal waiting to be boarded. The first stretch to Atlanta was quick and painless. She did great sitting on our lap and she fell asleep. No signs of ear problems. The 2nd stretch from Atlanta to Phoenix was a 4 hour flight and that is a long time for Matt and I to hold a baby on our lap and keep her comfy, but it all worked out. She slept most of the way.. She even met her first famous person on the flight, Charles Barkley. He was sitting in first class when we boarded the plane and he said "oh, she is a cutie".
Michael met us at the baggage claim and Sarah Avery was alert and completely captivated by all the lights and noises of the Phoenix terminal... I will say, that she is a very easy travel companion because she didn't cry one time and seemed relaxed and content. We then headed out to my brothers place which is in Gilbert, outside of Phoenix. We picked up my nieces from school early because they were itching to see the baby for te first time. We had a great time with Micheal, Teresa, Kayla and Lea. My brother being the chef had a few meals planned out for us and I was excited to dive into his cooking. He made a Mexican meal for us one night with his fantastic pico de gallo and fresh guacamole. Spoiled us on Saturday morning with a big breakfast too and Japanese curry chicken on Sunday night. The first night we were there we went to my nieces school carnival which was fun. They do things right by having a live band, plenty of fun food, and a huge place for all types of blow ups and carnival games. It was fun seeing them in their school environment with all their friends.. We went on a day trip on Saturday to a place called Canyon Lake which was about 45 mins from home. We stopped off at a old gold mine town tourist trap that was fun for picture opportunities. Then we drove to the lake which is tucked inside the canyon/mountains outside of Phoenix.. It was very pretty. It was weird going through mountains when all the terrain was desert plants and trees but it was pretty in it's own way. We ate lunch in a cute little restaurant in a town of 6 people called Tortilla Flats. Good times! It was just nice being up in the mountains and enjoying our family! On Sunday we went to their church and that was a great thing to see/experience with them. The rest of the time, we just chilled and enjoyed hanging out with each other. Michael did take us on a tour of his workplace which is always fun. I realized that my oldest niece Kayla is definitely in teenager mode as she is turning 13 in June. Matt and I slept in her room and we went to bed at night looking at walls full of posters containing the Jonas Brothers, Mylie Cyrus, Zac and Cody and many others. We just laughed taking it all in hoping and praying that Kayla will remain as innocent in the years to come! Lea is turning 9 in June and surprised us with her somewhat teenager behavior as well.. I guess that is inevitable with 2 girls. They were a lot of fun.
Our trip back was also very easy and I do believe that Avery slept the entire time on the plane. Stranges ooo'd and awww'd over her and that is always a little weird for me, but they were all very nice to us. We had a great 4 days hanging out with the family and we are looking forward to my nieces being here for a month when they come next week!