Monday, June 30, 2008

Giggle box

Matt succeeded in getting Avery to belly laugh for the first time tonight. We were getting ready to go to a cookout for our missions group. We still don't have our camera cord to download pics or videos, so this is recorded from his cell phone.
It is an absolute delight of the heart for us to hear her laugh like this for the first time. Listen to our daughter laughing over her Daddy making funny noises.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Praise Baby

When Avery was born my Dad bought her some Praise Baby DvD's and she has listened to the music since she was been born. A few weeks ago we started letting her watch some of the DVD and she seemed captivated, but this last week I had to video her reactions because they were so cute. Here she is enjoying a few minutes of it.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

photo shoot with Heather

Our friend Heather bought a new camera because she is going to give birth any day now to Georgia. She wanted to take pictures of Avery to get her mad skills all warmed up for her little bundle of goodness. So here are the results: Thanks friend!

Daddy's eyes
Just cute!

McCallie eyebrow

Hair el naturel

4 months and here are her updates

She was 11lbs and 14 oz, 24 inches long at her 4 month check-up!

She has her hands in her mouth constantly
She can hold her bottle with both hands although I don't let her feed herself
She can grab what she wants now and put it in her mouth
She has noticed her feet but they have NOT gone into her mouth
She rolled over and over and over for the first time in front of the whole family last Sunday ( I was at work)
She still sleeps in her swaddle and is sleeping 8-10 hours straight
We think she is saying the word "Hey" in her imitating baby talk way
She grabs our face and plants her open mouth on it

on the way to church

Matt does not like Bonnets, well at least he didn't use to like bonnets... After she was dressed and ready for church, he asked me why I was putting it on her, I told him that there is a very short period where she will let us put certain things on her. This is one of them and I intended on taking advantage of it.. After I put her on it, he thought she was the most adorable little baby!

So here she is, compliments of Auntie Patti in Denver!

1st church Picnic

Aunt K K and Kimberly
Ms. Jo Ann

Mr Frank

Aunt K K


Matt turned 34 years old on May 10th. We had a great day together and even had some date time the night of his birthday. We went and saw the movie that HE WANTED TO SEE and I actually enjoyed it which was a good thing. He wanted to see "Ironman". For all of you ladies out there that are asked to go on a date to see this, go ahead and go because you might actually like it.. After that we decided on eating at Olive Garden. We had a great time conversing and enjoying each other and then we went and picked up Avery from her Nanna and Papa. I will never forget why Matt's birthday is more important to me than just celebrating his birth.. May 10th of 2005, Matt whispered the words "I think I am in love with you". Good memories!!!

A few more "1st's"

Dedication to the Lord and Sarah Avery

I still do not have pictures that I can attach on here because my camera's cable is lost, however, I will post them as soon as I can. We dedicated ourselves as parents to the Lord and to our daughter on a very special day, May 11th. This was also Mother's day! This was a meaningful time for our family as many of you are familiar with the commitment that we make as believers in Christ to dedicate our lifestyles and habits to the Glory of God for the benefit of our child being reared in a home that Loves God and serves Him through obeying Christ and loving others. The morning was awesome in just the commitment alone that we were making, as well as all of our family and friends being witness to it. In our church when your child is dedicated, they take her name and give her names meaning. Sarah Avery's meaning is "Beloved" and the verse that they used for her was from Psalm 45:13 "All glorious is the princess in her chamber, with robes interwoven with gold".
It was a great day celebrating the gift of our daughter and thanking God for entrusting her to us for the time He ordains. It was a surreal day celebrating as a mother for the first time and it didn't seem much different than any other day except I just can't stop thanking God for giving Matt and I the gift of a child and hoping that I will be a mother who models Christ in my living.
All of Matt's grandparents, our parents, Andy and Carol, Uncle David, Aunt Linda, Trena, Natalie, Lexie and Kerri attended. Our daughter has a lot of people that love her and it was evident at her dedication! Thank you.