Monday, March 19, 2012


I have so much fun with my little girl when I am off of work. We love to get out and do fun things she enjoys and just love spending time together. We often play with friends or do some type of kid activity. She is already 4 years old and I feel like she is growing up way way too fast. She loves to dance in her own little creative way, play dress-up, make up elaborate stories involving sea creatures most of the time and LOVES to play with all her little siblings (her stuff animals that she says are real and are her sisters or brothers). She wants me to lay down with her everynight as she goes to sleep and put my head on her pillow with her. She always has to have a cup of water on her nightstand for her to gulp as she slows down and starts falling asleep (and she doesn't have accidents in her bed which amazes me). One of the things that she has been doing lately is having what Matt calls MFM's.. Meltdown for Mommy. She is ok without me for certain periods of time, but there is definitely a clock that goes off everyday that it is time for Mommy to be back in the picture. We love her so much and wish that these sweet, fun and remarkable years wouldn't go by so fast.