Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Botanical Gardens

Rolling on the prickly grass, tickle tickle

Just pure sweetness!

This was our first trip to the botanical gardens...Our group was my mom DeDe, Heidi (my mom's friend from Colorado), Mrs. Heather and my buddy Georgia. Playing with her is a lot of fun and I am looking forward to when we grow up a little more.. Next time we need to have a few more kids with us! I'm working on running here, running where they have to come catch me.
I have lots of fun with Mrs. Heather, she loves to make me laugh, she may have been singing one of her silly songs.
My mom said I needed a diaper change...but I don't like to participate most of the time...So, I wriggled out of my momma's grasp and if you will look past Georgia on the right side....yep that's my bum. Everyone thought it was so funny that I was in a public place with no pants on they decided to let me run "free" for a few minutes. BUT, Isn't Georgia so cute?

Left bum cheek
Knee chunk

Monday, April 6, 2009


I am doing my best to be as frugal as I can be. I am starting to see that it is making a difference. The one way that I am saving a ton of money is in our grocery shopping. I am using lots and lots of coupons and arranging my buys based on what is on sale for the week and trying to make meals out of those items.. Now, this is time consuming and using brain power which mine is not that strong anymore.. hahahaaaaa.. I will show you what I bought this week and show you what I paid:
$107.89 dollars of groceries.
sausage, butters, eggs, lots of frozen veggies, soups, dressings, baby food, baby washcloths, cresent rolls, bread rolls, bugles chips, fresh mozzerella, nuts and almonds and YObaby yougurt..
I paid: $52.10 out of my pocket. I had $23.00 worth of coupons to give and by buying the items on sale there was a $33 dollars in savings..
Now what can I do with it? I am going to make an egg casserole. I am going to make a pasta dish that will use the mozerella and some of the veggies and of course my pasta from last sale..Along with the breads that I bought. I am going to make a pizza out of the other pillsbury bread I got.
Matt uses dressing like crazy because he dips all his veggies in it for his lunch.. The fun about buying like this is that I have a stockpile of other groceries that will complement my buys today.. Yay!!!
A few of my friends have asked how I am saving the money and this is how.. My lovely friend Sherry Thomas has trained me into the art of coupons with shopping.. I have always used coupons but now there is a hard core strategy.