Thursday, February 26, 2009


"The Walker"

Sarah Avery has been taking a few steps throughout the day and got up to taking 7 steps. She didn't seem too interested in moving around on her feet so much, and I am not the one to try and encourage her in this process. My theory is that she will walk when she is ready! I guess I think that way with most things. ha! Well she woke up on the 24th and I believe she thought "today is the day I will start walking". She is now walking all the time. It is soooo cute and funny. I, of course I am at another sad point in our little girls life where I realize that the little baby is quickly fading away. It's quite sad. I have mixed emotions with many things as I see her acomplish her little stages, but I love her so much and am excited that she has soared through development. We are so thankful for her and the incredible little gal that she is. I mean listen to that sweet little personality on the video.

This morning I prayed as I was feeding her the morning bottle that those little feet would be beautiful one day as she brings the Good News to the lost.

STAY TUNED, Next comes chasing her down!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

on to new heights

SA has now figured out how to climb so we are watching her go on to new heights.
In this picture you will see that she is quite comfortable squatting on her little chair
and has no fear of standing in this chair trying to maneuver a way over to get on top
of her door toy behind it. Needless to say, playtime has to pretty much be monitored
most all of the time now.


Here are my Love's on Valentines day! So cute!
We are sending out our love to all of you.

Our friend Heather made this little shirt for her, how cute is it? She is so fun and talented. Thanks Heather.