Sunday, May 31, 2009

What about you?

I need to pray much much more!

Today my heart has hurt for the Beam family and God has prompted to pray for people I don't even know.

This prompting to me is evidence that God is VERY REAL and his Spirit is within me. This reminder/evidence is so precious to me at this very moment.

What evidence have you recently experienced that you see God in?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

a grand ole' time

Our getaway began in the 1800's, wellllll kind of! Our vacation spot was The Grand Hotel, Pt. Clear, AL (on the Mobile bay) and it opened up in the 1800's.

DeDe and I took a couple days off of work and we really enjoyed just being together alone with no agenda. The hotel was used as a hospital during the civil war, a training camp in WWII, has been destroyed by fire and has been renovated several times over the last 100 years. Ironically, this hotel, despite it's eventful past has been a long standing tradition in vacation spots for many families in the south and beyond. One of the first things about the property was the gorgeous grounds filled up with big Oak trees, fountains, color, flowers and greenary. It had a marina, along with a small private beach, pier and backyard a plenty. We stayed in the main building which is the oldest and most original part of the whole resort, unaware that there were three weddings planned nearby the same weekend. We were treated to "high tea" and cookies at 4pm each day and sat around the center of the hotel speaking with people.

We took advantage of the great weather while laying out at the wonderful pool, visited fairhope on a few occasions for food and shopping, met a few intriguing locals, and even ate at a gas station that had no sign out front. But I think the best part of it all was just being together, laughing and relaxing.

Despite the amazing time, we missed our little 15mos old and next time she will be going with us!

So here are a few shots of our getaway. Matt

Below is a pedal cart called a "surrey".. This thing required some serious foot power but lots of fun and complimentary from the hotel.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Summer Fun

Me and my Dada playing on my slide. We like to be outside in the early evenings when he gets home from work..
This is me in my play room and this is what I do.. Play hard and play harder.

Here is me with my girlfriend Georgia in my fun froggy swimming pool. I am just chillin waiting

on that water to fill up my froggy.

We were so ready for the water, but didn't know how cold it was going to be. This is me out at the park with my girlfriend Maggie. She had her cool glasses on so my Mommy thought I should have mine on and I don't like them that much. Maggie kept hers on the whole time.

And here is me and Maggie swinging High up in the sky. We had a great day at the park.

Shall I

I am wondering if I should continue to post? I think that several people read the blog because I had requests when I made it private that people wanted access. I am however confused because I normally get 1 comment or so on each post so I don't know if anyone is really reading...

Please let me know what you think.. I care to know.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

15 month check-up

Ok, we love Dr. Amy. She is on top of Sarah Avery's care and is really smart. With that said, here is the update on the little munchkin. I am not bragging, really, I just want you to know where she is in her development.

She got a healthy report. Praise God, her ears are clear and no more infection. From now on when we see drainage we are supposed to call Dr. Amy and she will call in drops for her ears.. No more antibiotics.

I counted today and she knows approximately 18 words well! Dr. Amy wanted her to know about 4. She is pointing and responding to directions well and can even tell me what she wants
by pointing. That is very helpful.

Her physique is somewhat average. She is 30" tall which puts her in the 40%. Her head circumfrence is 45% and her weight is 20.3 lbs which puts her at 10%. She predicted that she will continue a longer skinny look. She was pleased with her nutrition.

She got two shots and screamed her head off. Supposedly from 18 mos on to 3 years of age, the kiddos don't like their Dr. much because they remember everything from 15 mos on. That is kinda sad, isn't it? I told SA to give Dr. Amy a hug because it might be the last time she is sweet to her until she is about 3. Dr. Amy thought that was funny.

That is all. We are thankful for this little bundle of goodness from an AMAZING CREATOR GOD.


Sorry it has been so long since a post. I am going to just throw in some pictures and think about writing more later another day.. Here are some funny pictures over the last month. Enjoy. My little baby is now 15 months old.

My Mom found her like this after a nap last week. How did she do that?
She loves pickles! This cracked the grandma's up so they took this picture.

Dadda's new game. Put letters all over her head!
Her new game! Squeez herself and everything else in this little box.

Pre Easter
Easter Sunday

her and Drew