Thursday, April 15, 2010

Busy buzzzy

Our Evenings 5-6:30 pm, are usually full of bubble blowing, walks and playing in our yard!

and sometimes we have favorite people come visit us during our evening play time.. and WE LIKE THAT!!!!

Playing outside with KK (Kerri)

One happy little girl~!

And recently we had dinner with Jack and Teri, our friends who have two kiddos: Aimee and Micah. We had lots of fun with them the other night. Teri and I made dinner together and then after we ate, we went to the park that is right next to their house.

Jack hooked up the wagon to his chair and pulled them, they thought that was lots of fun!

We joked and said this was Micah's first date with SA... Isn't he a cutie?

And sometimes you wonder, Oh I hope my child will have a sweet heart, and you pray for them to love with a servant's heart... And well, my eyes welled up when she said "I help Jack".. This is pure sweetness! ummmph I love her

Hope you are all doing well. We are busy as bees but we are having a load of fun.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The Bottomly's are one of the original families that sparked my interest in adopting from Ethiopia. I have mentioned them in the past on my blog. They are truly a beautiful couple with incredible hearts. Well they are adopting again and are having a GIVEWAY on their blog. Check it out, there is not much time.. And if you haven't read their book, it is pretty terrific too!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

Hi yall,

Matt here. I thought I might try to blog this beautiful, warm Easter afternoon. This morning before church I told Avery that Jesus was alive today and that he loves us. We were going to church to celebrate Jesus being alive. I can't wait to tell her the depth of what Easter really means and for her to understand it and commit to following Jesus! But before we headed out, we took some Easter dress pictures. I loved taking her pics and believe it or not, I dressed her. I love getting her dressed up like this, but I need alot more practice on fixing her hair ( ponytail and such). Needless to say I was glad for the hat today. So without further are a few pics!

Not sure why she is sticking out her tongue. Maybe she's imitating her daddy. (I do that when I'm concentrating) Maybe she's concentrating on being so cute...

Blowing you a kiss!

This must be her serious model pose or something.

I got this with my cell phone. Too bad I couldn't get it with the real camera.