Wednesday, September 29, 2010


When you have a two year old, there are just a few things that you wonder if your child will ever grow out of. I have begun to question lately if she will be able to give these two paci's up...The logical part of me knows that she will, but here lately, I do wonder, but mostly, I think it is adorable how much she loves them. The last several nights I have asked her what she is thankful for in which she replies: "I am thankful for my paci's and my blankie"...This girl is for real! Here she is in her most recent loved position. Taking the 2nd paci and lightly brushing her cheek or nose.
And here she is in the old faithful position. Holding her 2nd paci with one hand and with the other, with 1 or 2 fingers massaging it or plucking it like you would a flower petal. Hopefully by her 3rd birthday, we will be able to transition to her only depending on God, her parents and her blankie.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Some fun times, part 2

This child loves to take a bath...
It's truly some of her most silly times!
The new umbrella that she had to go buy after last week seeing that other kids had their own umbrella's at church.. Oh the peer pressure for this $3.48 find.... :) This was an early evening picture after her bath and she had to go outside for a moment.. Of course, no pants... oooops.

This is her new facial expression.. It's called the "grumpy face".. She can do it on commandSavoring every last drop. She loves the rain and especially when she borrowed Georgia's boots for a week~ Time to buy her some of her own...
Hope your week is full of adventure and giggles like her's has been.. Love to you all!

some fun times, part 1

PEAR Pickin,
Our friend Tonya invited us and a few other friends to go pear pickin in Alabaster at one our Lieutenants house. She had a ball, lots of good times seeing how to pull the pear off a tree and how you can also just shake the pears off!
Sarah Avery and Cara DawnRunning around with Brodie
Sweet hugs from each other. They are just a week apart!
Another of God's wonderful little creationsGood times at Dr. Kyatt's office. SA loved getting her teeth cleaned and she especially liked using "mr thirsty". The expression you see on her face is one that I would like to continue to see in the future (hopefully).
And Action~ It's panty party time. This child loves the fact that she is out of diapers and into big girl panties. If this is offensive, please tell me and I will remove this picture.. I just think it is so fun to document these big moves to being a big girl.. She is really proud of herself!

We sure have had some great times around here. It's fun being 2 1/2! stay tuned for part 2...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Embrace the camera Sept. 2

Embrace my daddy
Daddy Matt and SA
This daddy loves to play and be silly with his daughter.
He is such a fun daddy who doesn't want to miss anything.
He helps her mommy so much by taking great responsibility with his daughter.
Most importantly he teaches her the truth's about God and his goodness.