Thursday, March 26, 2009


This is what happens when they are old enough to grab things off counters. This happened at light speed this afternoon when I went to the restroom! everything was out of my wallet, everything!

We are beginning teething season at the Lange household. It is finally here and I didn't even notice until my friend Heather pointed out her two little bulges this morning. SA did fine most
of the day but the evening ended in some trying times for the little one. But this is just part of it
and we are relieved that she DOES HAVE TEETH. She will be 14 mos when those little bugars make their appearance. Dr. Amy says that by 18mos all children have all their first teeth, so she is in for it in the next 4 mos. Please pray for her because she has a fresh new ear infection and if tonight was only a hint of what is to come, she needs your prayers.
Biter bisquit ~ trying anything to help give her some relief. Now that is a baby in need of a clean-up!

Monday, March 23, 2009

A few new things

She loves to share and gets very happy when you eat it.

A sure sign of Spring! She looks adorable in these little flippies and even walked decently in them. Her foot looks big in this picture but she is still in a size 3 with room to grow.

Like Dadda, like daughter! Weird positions!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

SOME new things

Just a few things here: Happy Birthday Papa, we love you bunches eventhough her face looks unhappy.

A few things to notice:

Hair. Bufont, whispy and wavy. Bows are out of the question with her at this present time. Every time she goes down for a nap or for bed, there is NO TELLING what her hair will look like when she wakes up. It is buck wild.

Body: She is a big girl. She is walking very prissy. She swings her bottom and sashays all over the house while insisting on carrying at least one item in her hand. She always has one hand with her fingers pointed to the ground. She is a dainty little walker.. BUT watch out because she is into climbing. Pictures soon to come of the places we are beginning to find her.

Leisure time: She is all about text messaging. Not for real but sometimes even calls people and no, she hasn't called 9-1-1 yet. She enjoys reading her books. All day! This last week she realized that there were things hanging on the wall and items sitting on shelves. Hilarious. She wakes up and the first things she does is point to picture on the wall and says "HEY". She also likes looking at the babies/kids on the refrigerator.

Time change: whatever! The baby had no understanding of a time change and some of these pics where she has no pants on were taken at nap time when her body refused a nap until about 4 pm. Thankfully we are back on track and it is Thursday.. She is back to sleep at 7p now.

hope you enjoy. luv

Thursday, March 5, 2009

such moments

Kellen did a photo shoot with the 3 of us. We both realize that we will never have these moments back with Sarah Avery and wanted to capture her sweet little self while she was still a little wobbly and we weren't chasing her down. ha. It was very early on a Saturday morning in downtown Leeds. I hope you enjoy. Here are a few to wet your whistle. Now I have to decide which ones to print.