Thursday, October 28, 2010

I love this age

I have often debated in my head over and over, which age has been the best. So far, I like 2 1/2. I am sure that I will do this as she grows through each stage but the two's have been a lot of fun so far. One of the many things she has overcome is the fear of the potty. She woke up one day and decided that she wanted to wear panties from now on and it has gone so great, except one thing.... Pooping. Isn't this a lovely blog post topic? She was so scared to do that and would hold it for up to 8 days at a time. We did have to resort a few times to using an aid to help her because she was in so much pain. The ped said it was all a control thing. So after a few times of having to "help her", she decided to try going on her own. NOW she is fully potty trained. We are so so excited! She has had about 4 total accidents in her bed and doesn't have accidents in her naps or waking periods. She has done so great with potty training and we are very proud of her overcoming her fears of the toilet.

We like to go to this old timey park in Warrior and use their ancient slide and merry go round :)
She is a master climber and slider

One of the things that she attempts to be super good at is technology. She is all about looking at pictures on the computer and my cell phone. AND SHE KNOWS HOW TO GET THERE! Notice her outfit? She is really enjoying her two's, NAKED! When she is inside, at times she flat out refuses to wear clothes. So we allow it most of the time!

Another thing that cracks me up and has since the very beginning is how my child sleeps. She can definitely find a comfy position.. But does this actually look comfortable? It must be because she can work this position for most of the night.

Until next time. May you enjoy your days full of play, sleep and if you have children, the joys of their laughter.