Tuesday, September 30, 2008


We are headed out of the country a week from today on our mission trip to France. Matt and I both knew that leaving S.Avery behind would be difficult but we both knew that we were supposed to go on this trip. She hasn't shown any signs of separation anxiety yet, so hopefully, she will not have a difficult time while we are away. We will miss her ohhhh so much. All those yummy hugs and kisses and cute little faces that she lavishes on us each day will be hard to be without.
But as much as we love her and she loves us, God also wants Matt and I to display His love to her and do this through our lives. We both believe that the Lord commands us to Go, teach and preach the Gospel. Sometimes and actually most times, it is very uncomfortable, inconvenient and incredibly emotionally difficult. Here is that time! Matt and I both love God and we want to share the Gospel...AND our passions are mounting together in this area. I want Avery to have a compassionate heart for God from the beginning, I desire for her to know the Lord at a very early age and to be sold out for him in her life.. Even as a 4 year old. I want her to know God because we went, preached and taught her the Truth! I want her to LOVE other people with the most precious little heart and even when they don't look or act or smell as good as her, that she love on them.

So, please please pray for us. All 3 of us. Pray for the new life that is growing inside me. Pray for our team. Pray the Lord Jesus open up gates wide open to those he is calling in Paris. That our eyes would know who is seeking the Truth and that we would go with boldness from the Spirit.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Two little angels:
Avery and Georgia
3 little angels:
Georgia, Maggie and Avery