Thursday, August 26, 2010

Embrace the camera Thursday

Big independent big girl week~
First time polish 5 days straight!

Generation to generation

Just had to post this picture that Matt's cousin Rebecca took... How totally precious is it.. This is Pop and Mamee, Matt's lovely grandparents. They were out at the lake and Becca snapped this adorable shot.. Oh how we love them!
Avery is one very very loved and blessed child to follow an incredibly godly legacy.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Independence again and again.. and a little running too

A few weeks back, Matt's cousins Becca (below left) and Alli (next to Matt) were visiting from Raleigh. We so love when his family visits. We love to all group up at Matt's grandparents, Pop and Mamee (pictured below) house and enjoy each other. Lately, independence is showing up a lot at our house. In funny ways, scary ways and in some enjoyable ways. The other night I went to check on her before I went to sleep. And when I glanced in her crib, this is what I saw.. Her dipaer laying next to her and her pajamas back on just so.. I laughed to myself at first. Then I just put the diaper back on her while she was asleep. Since this moment, it has happened 3 days in row.. Thankfully, there hasn't been any tee tee accidents. When she does this in the morning, I take her straight to the potty.
During playtime, she has been creating stories for her toys and lining them up, organizing, take care of them and overall playing all by herself. Her favorites right now are her two princesses and prince from her princess castle.
This is her castle, and they were all sitting down for "tea"
She also has a little frog, and loves for it to sit on biggie frog.. Too cute!Her ideas make me smile a lot And this is the scary part. She is a RUNNER! It has been happening for the last several weeks. I have spanked, lectured, cried and worried over it for about 3 weeks now. Here is one of those moments at Matt's grandparents. He caught her in plenty of time because thankfully, he is way faster than her, and the fact that she was more worried about her backpack at the time.
This is coming back down the hill after one very upset Mommy and Daddy.
Parenting has been very challenging for several months as we work through these independent times. Thankfully, it is the Lord who is revealing to us needed answers..

But these times, make it all worth it.. We were making a dish to take to a friend's house. She is a pro at cracking open eggs. Don't you just love how she got ready for her cooking duties? Visor to keep the hair back and a sucker to enjoy!
Mixing up the spinach.. Good job SA... You are so big!
This is our life right now. Having fun discovering independence and also obeying Mommy and Daddy for it pleases the Lord.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Embrace the camera Thursday

Doing my best to show her big girls don't need paci's.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Woodsy Adventure

A local city adventure with friends, nature and a Gogurt!

We met up with the Thomas family, Sherry, Mark, Lily and Elle at a new park (to us).

I love this pic of SA, Lily and Elle walking. They are so funny, SA was not going to let that gogurt Mrs. Sherry gave her out of her sight. And the momma of the group, Lily wouldn't be without her little stuffed animal, and the leader here is Elle. They were helping SA get up this huge boulder. Such helpers!

Relaxing on the rock! Look at those trees! And how bout those faces? toooo cute!

Happy to have a gogurt

Swinging like monkey's

So much fun. Oh how we loved being outside in the 105 degree heat.. ha! But for real, it is always fun to get together with friends like this and it is funny to see SA interact with kids that have siblings. The three of them are quite a team and they just loved on her and well they babyied her too. wink.

Little Mark was there but we didn't have any pics of him. I think he was off exploring with the other two boys that were there

Sunday, August 1, 2010

whew, it is HOT

Ok, July has been so hot and it's hard to stay outside for long. This makes it challenging for a mommy of a 2 year old who LOVES to be outside. We have had to resort to inside play at all sorts of places the last month. Mcwane center, library, chick fil a, McDonald's, friends houses and pools, Barnes and Noble, and last but not least....our patio. It has a little shade in the afternoon, so at least the sun is not directly on us.. But, the sweat rolls down. August should be some of the same story. But it is fun and I love to do fun things with her.

This is her "cheese face" Here she is on her 2 1/2 year birthday.. Our sweet little growing girl.
Stay cool and active