Friday, December 26, 2008

ear problems

Well in this picture you will see that both Matt and Sarah Avery have cotton in their ears.. Yep, SA is on #4 ear infection in 2 mos and we are doing our best to get it cleared but we are headed to the ENT on Jan 5th for a consult on what to do.
Matt had a cold that evidently turned into a sinus infection that made his ear rupture. So, he is on antibiotics now and feeling a bit better. All part of his ear issues from when he was a baby. Gosh, what a month! Please continue to pray for Matt and for the baby to have clear ears next check up.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Best birthday year

Even at 29, oh I mean 39, I received the best present this year than any other year! Sarah Avery!!! I know I talk about her all the time but she is the most amazing gift that God has ever given me. We are so thankful for her. So, with all the things I could complain about as my age is increasing, I will choose to just talk about this little baby that I wondered about ever since I can remember. I wondered about will I have boys or girls or both. Will they look like me or act like me (Mom don't say anything). Of course I wondered about marriage and all that too.
But it's going to be interesting to see how God is going to grow our family because since I was a teenager, I wanted to adopt a baby. I think it all started in my heart when my parents almost adopted me a sister from Japan.
I wonder what my #40 birthday will hold! Until then, I hope you enjoy a few snapshots from my day..

Thursday, December 11, 2008

sick days

Well, we have had a few sick days here lately. I was sick yesterday all day with some stomach monster.. And, Our darling is still battling with a right ear infection and last night started running a low grade fever. NO FUN.. So, she got to hang out at the house today in her PJ's. And she got to keep her pacifier with her a little bit today. please pray that her ear clears up, we are going on a month of continuous ear infections.

So, how cute are these PJ's? Our friend Lisa in Denver bought these for her when she was a newborn and they are 12-18 mos.. She really liked the cow sitting on her chest. Thanks Lisa!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Let the Shenannigans begin

Our little angel has discovered that she thinks she has a few better ideas than Momma and Dadda. That is right, tonight at bedtime after her bottle, she wiggled out of my lap, to slide down my leg with a destination in mind.. Her elephant and her toys. Dadda came in during this time of distraction and played with her, well it wasn't enough, she left the room waving. She kicked her creepin into high gear and made it to the living room in no time.. Here are a few pics of her trying to worm out of night night..