Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Mother's Day post: from bitty to biggy

This little chickie has gone from:

Sarah Avery 7 Mos

to Biggy

Sarah Avery 5.3 years

AND she is so much fun, she is adventurous and she has a heart of gold. On this Mother's Day, I am totally thankful for my daughter who is full of compassion for others, who is healthy, thriving and who makes her Momma's heart melt everyday.
I can always remember wanting to be a mom, even wanting to adopt a child one day. As I got into my 30's, admittedly, without a husband, I began to really question if I was going to get to become a mom. I can remember tears flowing with short and long consistent prayers, asking God, is it time yet? Where is this man, a husband for me and how is it going to happen? Well, thankfully, whew, it did! And thankfully a short time later, little baby Avery came. She rocked my world with her beautiful little self and continues to amaze us everyday. However, I don't think there are many days that go by without me wondering if I am a good mom who is doing the right thing, the biblical thing, the healthy thing, the safe thing, etc.. Motherhood is definitely the most challenging and scariest thing.. It's also a good thing that I have a husband who shares these things with me and shares these responsibilities :) And thanks be to God for grace, everyday!
Mother's Day also reminds me that there is sadness for some people too. To name a few; ladies who are waiting for a mate, those who haven't been able to conceive or Mother's who aren't living, or babies that didn't make it. We have 3 little babies that didn't make it and are in heaven. Yes, it is sad, I certainly didn't want to lose them, but I know that God has given me comfort in the loss and there is a plan far deeper than I understand.

On another note,  I am very thankful for my Mom who continues to amaze me with her strength/fortitude, unending love and servant attitude. And thanks to my Mom and Mother in Law who spend a day or two a week loving on my child while I am at work. To all the other moms out there, Happy Mother's Day! Hope you have a great one full of love and good health.

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